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• 100% Tri-X Weave Graphite Technology for ultra lightweight performance
• Stiff and lightweight shaft with ultimate vibration dampening
• 16mm tapered to shaft results in light “swing weight”
• Unlike untapered “pencil” poles Zipline are lighter in the tip than the handle for quicker pole plants
• Proprietary “Zip Touch” grip for improved feel, Patent Pending
• Separate “Trigger finger” shape for better feel
• Dual core Thermoplastic material for vibration dampening and feel
• Zipline “Zip Strap”
• Customize the strap fit and avoid the strap “fluttering” in the wind as you scream down the Zipline for the World Cup mogul judges
• Proprietary “Zip Light” ultra light basket for quicker pole plants, Patent Pending
• Hexagon shaped thermoplastic basket easily snaps in place
• Proprietary “Zip Tip” with Carbide Tip for secure pole plants

F17 Classic ST

The hart F17 Classic ST is everything the F17 Classic is, except it is uniformly stiffer all along the ski from tip to tail, perfect for skiers looking for a stiffer flex pattern. Brad Wilson, the 4th ranked skier on the 2013 FIS World Cup and the Rookie of the Year on World Cup in the 2011/2012 season, prefers the F17 Classic ST.

The F17 Classic ST uses hart ’s unique KevGlass 90™ construction making it super quick, responsive and filled with high energy. By its design, the F17 Classic ST can also be skied all mountain. It is a mogul ski and an all mountain ski all in one ski!


F17 Rocket WC

Designed by Patrick Deneen, the hart F17 Rocket is built for the lighter weight freestyle mogul enthusiast who will eventually transition to the F17 World Cup or Classic ski as their career develops. The F17 Rocket uses hart ’s Compglass® fiberglass mesh technology laid up over a laminated maple wood core with UHMW sidewall construction to give the ski quick edge to edge responsive and control.


F17 Classic

The most successful competitive Mogul ski on the market. The hart F17 Classic is hart ’s most versatile mogul ski. Bryon Wilson won the Bronze Medal at the Vancouver 2010 Olympics on this ski. The F17 Classic’s GS shape provides more sidecut than the traditional mogul shape. By its design, the F17 Classic is thus a great all mountain ski as well as a World Cup proven bump ski. Just as in the F17 WC ski, the Classic ‘s wood core, UHMW™ sidewall with rubber dampening, Kevlar inserts (KevGlass 90™) and a graphite race base make for better absorption and speed.


F17 World Cup

The hart F17 World Cup is a traditional shaped mogul ski straighter and narrower than the F17 Classic. This ski has enjoyed success on the World Cup circuit with Patrick Deneen winning a World Championship and a National Championship on it. The wood core ski has a UHMW™ sidewall with rubber dampening and Kevlar inserts (KevGlass 90™) for better absorption characteristics and a graphite race base for speed.


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